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Special Character on Lion 0

Special Character on Lion

Now on Lion, as iPad, to write a special character, like ö ( o withumlaut) or any other vowel, simply hold down the corresponding key the desired letter and appear over the print, a small windowwith several options, just then press the desired number in correspondence of special character that you want to insert. Here’s how the window will appear after...

Patently Apple: How many are? 0

Patently Apple: How many are?

  Apple records all their patents, including the most “banal”,everyone knew it; but not everyone knows that there is a specific site ( where they collected all these patents. There is in fact a library of all patents, with their pictures and explanations, grouped by...

iPad1 Refurbished 0

iPad1 Refurbished

Available from the Apple Store online the full range of iPad, first generation, which includes 3 Wi-Fi models (16, 32 and 64 gb) and Wi-Fi 3G models 3 (16,32,64 GB). Prices range from €...