“Il computer è la bicicletta della nostra mente.” Steve Jobs

Happy birthday Steve Jobs 0

Happy birthday Steve Jobs

Just today, February 24th, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, birth 56 years. The Obloo’s staff wants to make the best wishes for an happy birthday and best wishes to get well soon! Add, if you will, your wishes in the comments. Happy Birthday Uncle Steve.

Blue Skies Again – Jessica Lea Mayfield 0

Blue Skies Again – Jessica Lea Mayfield

Asphalt 6 for Mac 0

Asphalt 6 for Mac

Asphalt 6 per Mac

Update images RAW compatibility 0

Update images RAW compatibility

Questo aggiornamento di 6,8 MB estende la compatibilità delle immagini RAW con Aperture 3 e iPhoto ’11

iWeb 3.0.3 update 0

iWeb 3.0.3 update

This update contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following (185,9 MB): Addresses an issue when using the iSight Movie widget on certain Macs Addresses an issue publishing iWeb sites using FTP Improves compatibility...

Windows Phone 7 Connector 0

Windows Phone 7 Connector

Windows Phone 7 Connector ora disponibile sul Mac App Store